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  • The gold standard. The greatest rhythm guitarist that ever was. Thank you, Malcolm, and Godspeed. 💔 #ACDC #malcolmyoung #guitar #rock #heroes
  • Friday night vibes 🕯 #studio #blockofjoy #recordingstudio
  • 🍓 #protools
  • La vie en Pro Tools 🎛#audio #studio #protools #femaleengineers #femaleproducer
  • TOM PRETTY REPRISE @ Silverlake Lounge // Photo by @alexanderdpaul #livemusic #blackandwhite #35mm #film #riptompetty #tompettytribute
  • #infinitekusama #theadventuresofboots #art

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TOM PRETTY REPRISE: A Ladies’ Tribute To Tom Petty @ Silverlake Lounge

The girls (and a few of our boys) are getting together again to celebrate the life and catalog of our favorite Heartbreaker, Tom Petty on Saturday November 11th at the…


TODAY ONLY – I’m releasing rare demos and unreleased songs to help Bandcamp raise money for the Transgender Law Center! Also, please make sure you download a copy of…

NEW MUSIC: This Business Will Break Your Heart

Please enjoy my latest offering, “This Business Will Break Your Heart.” This Business Will Break Your Heart by Ainjel Emme Written by Ainjel Emme Produced by Ainjel Emme and Anthony…

Bandcamp + Artists = Fundraising for the ACLU

In support of Bandcamp‘s pledge to donate today’s profits to the ACLU, I’ve uploaded some rare, out of print songs for purchase to help raise money. First is a collection of home…

VIDEO: Live @ Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds Los Angeles / Nov 9th, 2016 – The very first time anyone else in the world heard “This Business Will Break Your Heart.” Hosted by Badass Bands and Feastly.

NEW MUSIC: Property Of The State

Frustrated by recent attempts to subvert Roe V. Wade in Texas and Ohio, and frightened by the newly elected administration, I collaborated long-distance with my good friend, Austin singer-songwriter Ray…

My First Facebook Live

We’ve finally got the livestreaming thing down at Block Of Joy, so I ran a broadcast of Facebook Live while I’m testing out my new Electro-Voice microphones. It was so…