Say hello to AINJEL EMME.

(pronouncedangel em – she/her)

FILE UNDER: pop, rock, indie, folk, alt, future, sci-fi, soul.

AS HEARD ON: MTV, Lifetime, a few indie films, YouTube, the occasional college radio station, and a whole lotta other people’s records.

Ainjel Emme
is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio engineer. 

A self-taught musician and home recording enthusiast, Æ is chiefly sought out for vocal production, song arrangement, tasteful overdubs, and an innate ability to carry a record across the finish line.

Ainjel got her start as an indie singer-songwriter, releasing two full-length albums and making the inevitable pilgrimage from Austin to Los Angeles. She continues to write and record original music, but prefers working on the other side of the glass. “I’m not an entertainer,” she admits. “I just happen to love two things more than anything else: songs and records. I want to be a part of that magical process, however it takes form.”

Equipped with intuition, discernment, and skill, Ainjel’s goal is always to serve the song.

Æ is a vocal advocate for women and non-binary folks in music, especially in the technical department. Out of the estimated 2% of female record producers working today, Ainjel has earned a place amongst the most promising in her field. She was one of three recording engineers selected to participate in She Is The Music‘s collaboration with Billboard for an all-female songwriting camp (Dec. 2019) with Alicia Keys (video). She is a proud member of Soundgirls and Women’s Audio Mission, an occasional contributor to Tape Op Magazine, and a voting member of the Producers and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy.

Ainjel Emme at NRG Studios, Los Angeles


With Alicia Keys (and some of the most awesome female writers, producers, and engineers) at the Record Plant in Hollywood for SHE IS THE MUSIC Songwriting Camps, December 2019.

Ainjel Emme, female music and vocal producer in Los Angeles, CA.



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