AE featured in Lifetime Promo for “My Sweet Audrina”

My live YouTube cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” was scooped up by Lifetime for their upcoming movie adaptation of VC Andrews’ novel, “My Sweet Audrina”. You can hear it in the promo for the movie’s upcoming release on January 9th. Check it out!

I’ve decided to go ahead and release the song on iTunes through my pals Spin Move Records, so stay tuned for the link to that, and thanks to the Spin Move team for getting on the ball! <3

BIG FAT THANKS TO: Kelly and everyone at Lifetime / A&E for the placement, Jennifer at Kobalt for helping get the song greenlighted so quickly, Trent Reznor for writing just the most gorgeous song ever, and Peter Barker, Todd Bergman, and Daniel Williams for handling the audio so beautifully.

Click here to watch the live performance on YouTube.