Bandcamp + Artists = Fundraising for the ACLU

In support of Bandcamp‘s pledge to donate today’s profits to the ACLU, I’ve uploaded some rare, out of print songs for purchase to help raise money.

First is a collection of home recordings from 2005, Quiet Hour Demos Vol. 1 – They Promised You America. Only 100 CDs of this EP were manufactured, and the songs have never been made available online.

Next is an unreleased studio demo of Little Town Song, from sessions in early 2007.

And, of course, my first record, HEARTACHE IS BORING:

And finally, the rarest collection I’ve ever released, QUIET HOURS VOL. 2, including songwriting demos from “Everyone Is Beautiful”, the long lost “Flight Risk” and “Fight All Night”, never heard home recordings, and a live performance of “To The Tearflood.”

These songs are available TODAY ONLY, so get them while you can!

Thank you, Bandcamp, and thank YOU for helping the ACLU fight for civil rights!