PRODUCED BY AE: “Monstress” by Rie Daisies

On July 4th, 2018, Rie Daisies officially unleashed MONSTRESS!

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Monstress by Rie Daisies

Rie is a rare talent. She’s equal parts introspective country gal, proud latina, elegant classical musician, weird alien priestess, futuristic folk singer, controversial composer, and spellbinding vocalist. We’ve been internet pals since she found me through CDBaby via my first record, Heartache Is Boring. She purchases more independent music than anyone else I know. She’s kinda one of my favorites, ever.

Rie reached out to me a year or two ago, frustrated by a lack of safe studios and female recording engineers in her area. She asked if I knew anyone who could help her build her demos into release-worthy productions. I told her to send me a track. She sent a bare-bones recording of “The Sacrifice.” I loved it, so I built the song up in Logic and shot off a rough mix. She loved it. Thus we collaborated on the 13 songs that became Monstress, through email / DropBox / Pro Tools / Logic and a rad engineer named Corey DeRushia at Troubadour Recording Studios, who helped Rie track her parts in Michigan. I brought my future-husband Anthony into the fold for mixing, drums, and some additional programming.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of delivering this document to the world.

Congratulations, Rie! <3