PRODUCED BY AE: “V” by Leslie Nuss

Singer-songwriter Leslie Nuss reached out to me all the way from Indiana, seeking a female producer to help bring a collection of wise, effulgent songs to completion. Despite having never met me–save through Facebook Messenger and a few long phone calls–Leslie bravely hopped on a plane and came into our studio with her heart wide open, offering two EPs worth of material. Some of the songs were sketched mostly into place, some of them had to be reconstructed, each of them was steeped in thoughtful observation.

largeIn addition to being a voracious writer, Leslie is a gifted designer, clothes maker, and visual artist. I love watching her inspiration-lid pop open and her creativity spill out in every direction. She’s an art tornado. Anthony (who handled mixing, drums, and percussion), LN, and I have been enjoying such great synergy that we’re finishing a third and about to start working on a fourth EP! You can purchase the first EP of this series, with mastering by Greg Calbi and jaw-droppingly gorgeous art by Melissa Washburn, at CDbaby and Pledge Music.

Listen to the first single, “Glory Days” on Spotify: