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Say hello to Ainjel Emme.

(pronounced “angel em“)

FILE UNDER: rock, pop, alternative, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, metal, sci-fi.

AS HEARD ON: MTV, Lifetime, YouTube, a few indie films, other people’s records, and the occasional college radio station.

ABOUT AE: Songwriter / Musician / Producer / Lefty-Who-Plays-Righty.

Born in the same year as the Sony Walkman, AINJEL EMME cut her teeth on a steady diet of cruisin’ oldies, classic rock, living room jams, and 4 track cassette tapes. Her teen years were spent busking on Austin’s 6th street, staying out late in the all-ages clubs, dropping out of high school, and moving to Los Angeles to become a rock star. Always a good idea–especially at seventeen years old.

As she gained a deeper understanding of her industry, Ainjel’s plans took a turn. Rock stardom was off the menu. The internet was upending the music business. New technology was changing everything. But that also meant artists could take their careers into their own hands, bypassing sleazy A&R guys and bogus 360 deals. Eyes trained on this hopeful future, she quietly carved a space for herself in the underground.

After producing and releasing two independent solo albums [HEARTACHE IS BORING (2003) and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL (2011)], Ainjel shifted gears to study production and audio engineering. She began procuring session work as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and topliner, which lead to opportunities to assist in world-class studios and study under talented engineers. She took on various internships to further her education, including stints in marketing, artist development, and tour management. After spending a few years working in a major label studio in Los Angeles, she felt ready to embark on the mission for which she’d unwittingly been preparing for years.

In 2015, AE co-founded the BLOCK OF JOY, a boutique multi-media company providing quality content creation services to upcoming talent in music and film. She now spends most days helping other indie artists make records and videos from a small facility in East Hollywood, when she’s not working on projects of her own. She loves mentoring and working with artists who live outside of the lines, and is a passionate advocate for women and underserved talent in the music community.

Ainjel’s third full length album, EXIT STARLIGHT, is currently in production.

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Photo by Lea Petmezas