Photo by Jill Kreinbrink / Sofar Sounds Los Angeles, November 2016

My name is Ainjel Emme.

(pronounced “angel em“)

FILE UNDER: rock, pop, alternative, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, metal, sci-fi.

AS HEARD ON: MTV, Lifetime, various indie films you’ve never heard of, random jingles and songwriter demos, that damn Hello Kitty song, street corners, other people’s records, and the occasional college radio station.

ABOUT ME: Songwriter / Multi-Intstrumentalist / Producer / Lefty-Who-Plays-Righty. Born in the same year as the Sony Walkman, I grew up on a steady diet of cruisin’ oldies and classic rock, late night living room jams, 4 track cassette recordings, and interstate highways. As a solo artist, I’ve written and produced two independent albums; HEARTACHE IS BORING and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL. As a utilitarian, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to a diverse collection of projects over the past decade as a vocalist, writer, producer, recording engineer, and session musician.

CURRENTLY:  Toiling ceaselessly on EXIT STARLIGHT at my co-op studio in Los Angeles, the Block Of Joy. Releasing singles and B-sides as I go. Producing / recording / writing new music with indie artists. INQUIRIES: ainjel@blockofjoy.com.

Thank you for supporting independent music.

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Photo by Charles Lopez

Photo by ZB Images

Photo by ZB Images


Photo by Lea Petmezas

Photo by Lea Petmezas