ainjel emme

Say hello to Ainjel Emme.

(pronounced “angel em“)

FILE UNDER: rock, pop, alternative, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, metal, sci-fi.

AS HEARD ON: MTV, Lifetime, YouTube, a few indie films, other people’s records, and the occasional college radio station.

ABOUT AE: Songwriter / Musician / Producer / Lefty-Who-Plays-Righty.

Born in the same year as the Sony Walkman, AINJEL EMME cut her teeth on a steady diet of cruisin’ oldies, classic rock, living room jams, and 80s MTV. She spent her childhood in the headphones and abusing the record button on her boombox. As a teenager, she busked from Austin’s 6th street to the Venice Beach boardwalk, stayed out late in the all-ages clubs, dropped out of high school, and wanted to be a rock star. As an “adult,” she mostly pays her bills on time doing what she loves best:

Makin’ records.

After releasing two independent solo albums [HEARTACHE IS BORING (2003) and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL (2011)], Ainjel shifted gears to study production and audio engineering. She began procuring session work as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and topliner. This lead to opportunities to assist in world-class studios and study under talented audio engineers. After five years of internships and experience building, she embarked on the mission for which she’d unwittingly been preparing for years.

In 2015, AE co-established the BLOCK OF JOY, a multimedia group providing content creation and artistic development to upcoming talent in music and film. She now spends most days helping other indie artists do their thing from a small facility in East Hollywood. She loves mentoring young talent and working with artists who live outside of the lines. She’s a passionate advocate for women and underserved talent in the music community.

Ainjel’s third full-length album, EXIT STARLIGHT, is currently in assembly. She recently completed production and engineering work on Spark and Fury by singer-songwriter Alfa, released on Pacific Records in 2017, and the forthcoming album from Rie Daisies, Monstress (2018). She’s also co-producing / engineering tracks for two upcoming EPs from Chicago-based artist Leslie Nuss.

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Photo by Lea Petmezas