ainjel emme

Say hello to Ainjel Emme.

(pronounced “angel em“)

FILE UNDER: rock, pop, indie, singer-songwriter, folk, alt, metal, sci-fi.

AS HEARD ON: MTV, Lifetime, a few indie films, other people’s records, YouTube, and the occasional college radio station.

ABOUT AE: Songwriter / Multi-Instrumentalist / Producer / Lefty-Who-Plays-Righty / Home-Recordist-Turned-Professional-Amateur.

Born in the same year as the Sony Walkman, Ainjel Emme cut her teeth on a steady diet of cruisin’ oldies, analog rock, living room jams, garage bands, and classic MTV. She spent her childhood writing terrible songs and abusing the record button on her portable boombox.

After releasing two independent solo albums [HEARTACHE IS BORING (2003) and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL (2011)], Ainjel shifted gears to study her truest love: record production. She moved from Austin to Los Angeles and procured work as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and writer. This lead to opportunities to pick up an education working in world-class recording facilities, assisting storied engineers. Before long she found herself comfortably in the producer’s chair, often engineering her own sessions. In 2015, she co-founded BLOCK OF JOY and has been hosting both local and out-of-state recording artists in her small project studio in East Los Angeles. Of late, she is becoming a sought-after vocal production specialist.

Though times have changed since AE first pressed a record button, only around 5% of humans working in professional audio today are women. Ainjel is proud to be part of the 3% estimated to be presently active in the studio, and the 2% of women music producers. She’s a passionate advocate for female/non-binary musicians and women in the recording arts. In 2018, indie blogger Ari Herstand (ArisTake.com) included her as one of the 150 Female Producers You Need To Know. She is currently a contributing writer for Soundgirls, centering her coverage around women in audio.

Ainjel lives in East Hollywood and spends most days tracking, arranging, chasing impossible data, and quietly cooking up her own personal Dark Side of the Moon.

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