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AE + Soundgirls: Women & The Grammy for “Producer of the Year, Classical”

published 03/05/19 at The Grammy for Producer of the Year, Classical (originally Classical Producer of the Year) was introduced in 1979. This particular category distinguishes itself as the first technical award where a woman…

AE + SOUNDGIRLS: Women & The Grammy for “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical”

Written by Ainjel Emme for SOUNDGIRLS.ORG, February 2019. Since the original publication of this article, we’re happy to announce that Emily Lazar won the Grammy, and is the first female mastering engineer to…

TAPE OP: Guest Blog

My Soundgirls blog about “Producer of the Year, Non-Classical” has been picked up by Tape Op Magazine and re-published on their blog! I’ve been given the opportunity to work on…

AE + SOUNDGIRLS: Women & The Grammy for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical

published January 2019 at The Producer of the Year, Non-Classical category was established by the Recording Academy in 1974 to honor those who “present consistently outstanding creativity in the area of…

PRODUCED BY AE: “Fool’s Gold” by Alfa

Our girl Alfa just released a new single on Warner Music – Phillipines called “Fool’s Gold.” It’s a sweet song about authenticity, imparting a message of self-love that we could all stand…

PRODUCED BY AE: “V” by Leslie Nuss

Singer-songwriter Leslie Nuss reached out to me all the way from Indiana, seeking a female producer to help bring a collection of wise, effulgent songs to completion. Despite having never met me–save…

PRODUCED BY AE: “Monstress” by Rie Daisies

On July 4th, 2018, Rie Daisies officially unleashed MONSTRESS! Get yourself a physical copy via or download at your favorite online retailer today! Rie is a rare talent. She’s equal parts introspective country gal, proud latina,…

150+ Female Producers You Need To Know

Thank you to Ari Herstand at Ari’s Take for including me on this living list of 150+ Female Producers You Need To Know.  Artists and labels: Please take note of this list–and…


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    Los Angeles, CA
    4th Annual Tom Pretty @ Silverlake Lounge
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    with SUGAR IN THE GOURD at Sennheiser Booth at NAMM