Music Production Bio



• When I was a tiny girl creature, I loved nothing more than listening to records. (mom’s turntable, dad’s headphones, fisher price cassette player, sony walkman, FM radio, MTV)

• As a kid, I visited mom on recording sessions and saw how records were made. Became obsessed with recording. Began learning how to write and play. Sang my terrible songs into a handheld recorder. (pink boombox, recordable walkman)

• I kept writing and grew to be a proficient pianist and guitarist. Listened to ALL THE THINGS for songwriting and production inspiration. As a teenager, I started making bedroom demos. I aspired to someday make a real, shiny record. (tascam portastudio)

• Tracked my first studio demos live to tape at Austin’s Sweatbox Studios at 16. Second studio demos were recorded at 4th Street alfain Santa Monica at 19. Made a stab for the coveted Major Label Deal. But then… THE INTERNET!!! The times, they were a-changin’. (2″ tape – Studer A-800, Studer A-827).

• Rounded up my first assortment of pro-sumer recording gear. Started recording my debut album in my best friend’s living room. (Thanks, Terry!) Ended up finishing it in Willie Nelson’s studio in Perdenales, TX. (fostex R-8, korg D-16, audacity, garageband)

• Tracked two independent album’s worth of songs in world-class recording studios, studying under top notch record makin’ folk in the control room. (protools, logic, neve, API, SSL)

• Began taking studio work as a vocalist, later as a player (guitar, bass, keys). Eventually, it dawned on my that the studio was where I wanted to be. I stopped the indie singer-songwriter grind and started learning how to properly make records. Internships, assisting gigs, fetching sandwiches for celebrities, etc. (threshold sound + vision, interscope records)

• Furthered my real-world education by accepting work as a freelance assistant engineer. (logic, protools)

• Partnered up with a talented tribe to forge a production company called the Block Of Joy.  We have a vibey, comfortable project studio in Hollywood where lots of great music and memories are made.

Let’s Make Records.
for rates / inquiries, please write to me at:

ainjel > blockofjoy > com

Audio - ProTools / Logic Pro X / Tape / Cassette / MIDI
Instruments - Electric & Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Bass / Keys / Drums / Vocals
Tracking / Coaching / Harmony / Stacking / Editing / Tuning
MUSIC PRODUCTION: rock / pop / alternative / indie / folk / americana / dark indie / shoegaze / garage / surf / goth / metal

safe space : female / non-binary / LGBTQ friendly