PRODUCED BY AE: “Fool’s Gold” by Alfa

Our girl Alfa just released a new single on Warner Music – Phillipines called “Fool’s Gold.” It’s a sweet song about authenticity, imparting a message of self-love that we could all stand to hear a little more often.

Shoutout to Kawai for letting us come track piano on their showroom floor!


Congratulations on another beautiful release, Alfa! <3

PRODUCED BY AE: “The Album V, Part One” by Leslie Nuss

Upon suggestion by the lovely Brynne Zaniboni (thanks, grrl!), singer-songwriter Leslie Nuss reached out to me all the way from Indiana seeking a female producer to bring a collection of wise, effulgent songs to completion. Despite having never met me, Leslie bravely hopped on a plane and walked into our studio with her heart wide open, offering what I’d argue are some of her best performances (not that I’m biased or anything, haha) for two EPs worth of material. Some of the songs were sketched mostly into place, some of them had to be reconstructed, all of them were steeped in passion.

largeIn addition to being prolific writer, Leslie is a talented designer, clothes maker, and visual artist. I love watching her inspiration-lid pop open and her creativity spill out in every direction. She’s an art tornado. Anthony (who handled mixing, drums, and percission), LN, and I have been enjoying such great synergy that we’re finishing a third and about to start working on a fourth EP! You can purchase the first EP of this series, with mastering by Greg Calbi and jaw-droppingly gorgeous art by Melissa Washburn, at CDbaby and Pledge Music.

Listen to the first single, “Glory Days” on Spotify:

PRODUCED BY AE: “Monstress” by Rie Daisies

On July 4th, 2018, Rie Daisies officially unleashed MONSTRESS!

Get yourself a physical copy via or download at your favorite online retailer today!

Monstress by Rie Daisies

Rie is a rare talent. She’s equal parts introspective country gal, proud latina, elegant classical musician, weird alien priestess, futuristic folk singer, controversial composer, and spellbinding vocalist. We’ve been internet pals since she found me through CDBaby via my first record, Heartache Is Boring. She purchases more independent music than anyone else I know. She’s kinda one of my favorites, ever.

Rie reached out to me a year or two ago, frustrated by a lack of safe studios and female recording engineers in her area. She asked if I knew anyone who could help her build her demos into release-worthy productions. I told her to send me a track. She sent a bare-bones recording of “The Sacrifice.” I loved it, so I built the song up in Logic and shot off a rough mix. She loved it. Thus we collaborated on the 13 songs that became Monstress, through email / DropBox / Pro Tools / Logic and a rad engineer named Corey DeRushia at Troubadour Recording Studios, who helped Rie track her parts in Michigan. I brought my future-husband Anthony into the fold for mixing, drums, and some additional programming.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of delivering this document to the world.

Congratulations, Rie! <3

PRODUCED BY AE: “Done For Me” by iNCH (Charlie Puth Cover)

Our angel baby iNCH was in town on a publicity tour for Warner Music – Singapore, so she dropped by the studio to lay down this mellow acoustic cover of Charlie Puth’s “Done For Me.”

Recorded and mixed by AE
Shot and edited by Benjamin Ong

150+ Female Producers You Need To Know

Thank you to Ari Herstand at Ari’s Take for including me on this living list of 150+ Female Producers You Need To Know. 

Artists and labels:
Please take note of this list–and for your next studio project, consider hiring a female producer!



With TwoLips and Laura Jean Anderson.

This is it. The last video shoot for the BADASS BANDS LIVE series; five years running.

From BB Founder, Jolynn Braswell:

“Myself and the crew have loved every goddamn second of shooting these over the last 5 years, but it’s come time call it.  In May, when we finish releasing all of our content, we’ll have released 200 videos (!!!!!!!). Pretty. Fucking. Amazing.”

BB Live teams up with PLAY LIKE A GIRL for the final video rock show, featuring LAURA JEAN ANDERSON, TWOLIPS, and AINJEL EMME.

>>>  Details:

FREE SHOW // 21+

at The HiHat
5043 York Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90042

TOM PRETTY REPRISE: A Ladies’ Tribute To Tom Petty @ Silverlake Lounge


The girls (and a few of our boys) are getting together again to celebrate the life and catalog of our favorite Heartbreaker, Tom Petty on Saturday November 11th at the Silverlake Lounge. $7 cover. 5pm-9pm. We go on at 6:3o. Come sing along. <3

PRODUCED BY AE: “Spark and Fury” by Alfa

After signing with Pacific Records and tracking basics with her band, Alfa was looking for a space to record vocals and finish out production on her 2nd full-length album, Spark and Fury. She found a home here at Block of Joy. Her new album showcases well-crafted songwriting, heartful lyrics,  hopeful insight, and solid musicianship. Check it out on Spotify, and purchase it from your favorite online retailer!

Congratulations on a job well done, Alfa!

NEW MUSIC: This Business Will Break Your Heart

Please enjoy my latest offering, “This Business Will Break Your Heart.”

Written by Ainjel Emme
Produced by Ainjel Emme and Anthony Paul Lopez
Recorded by Anthony Paul Lopez @ Block Of Joy
Mastered by Peter A. Barker


Ainjel Emme – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Anthony Paul Lopez – drums
Keith Snow – cello
Aubrey Richmond – violin
Jon Titterington – trumpet
Charles Lopez – violin

Bandcamp + Artists = Fundraising for the ACLU

In support of Bandcamp‘s pledge to donate today’s profits to the ACLU, I’ve uploaded some rare, out of print songs for purchase to help raise money.

First is a collection of home recordings from 2005, Quiet Hour Demos Vol. 1 – They Promised You America. Only 100 CDs of this EP were manufactured, and the songs have never been made available online.

Next is an unreleased studio demo of Little Town Song, from sessions in early 2007.

And, of course, my first record, HEARTACHE IS BORING:

And finally, the rarest collection I’ve ever released, QUIET HOURS VOL. 2, including songwriting demos from “Everyone Is Beautiful”, the long lost “Flight Risk” and “Fight All Night”, never heard home recordings, and a live performance of “To The Tearflood.”

These songs are available TODAY ONLY, so get them while you can!

Thank you, Bandcamp, and thank YOU for helping the ACLU fight for civil rights!