PRODUCED BY AE: “Spark and Fury” by Alfa

After signing with Pacific Records and tracking basics with her band, Alfa was looking for a space to record vocals and finish out production on her 2nd full-length album, Spark and Fury. She found a home here at Block of Joy. Her new album showcases well-crafted songwriting, heartful lyrics,  hopeful insight, and solid musicianship. Check it out on Spotify, and purchase it from your favorite online retailer!

Congratulations on a job well done, Alfa!

NEW MUSIC: This Business Will Break Your Heart

Please enjoy my latest offering, “This Business Will Break Your Heart.”

Written by Ainjel Emme
Produced by Ainjel Emme and Anthony Paul Lopez
Recorded by Anthony Paul Lopez @ Block Of Joy
Mastered by Peter A. Barker


Ainjel Emme – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Anthony Paul Lopez – drums
Keith Snow – cello
Aubrey Richmond – violin
Jon Titterington – trumpet
Charles Lopez – violin

Bandcamp + Artists = Fundraising for the ACLU

In support of Bandcamp‘s pledge to donate today’s profits to the ACLU, I’ve uploaded some rare, out of print songs for purchase to help raise money.

First is a collection of home recordings from 2005, Quiet Hour Demos Vol. 1 – They Promised You America. Only 100 CDs of this EP were manufactured, and the songs have never been made available online.

Next is an unreleased studio demo of Little Town Song, from sessions in early 2007.

And, of course, my first record, HEARTACHE IS BORING:

And finally, the rarest collection I’ve ever released, QUIET HOURS VOL. 2, including songwriting demos from “Everyone Is Beautiful”, the long lost “Flight Risk” and “Fight All Night”, never heard home recordings, and a live performance of “To The Tearflood.”

These songs are available TODAY ONLY, so get them while you can!

Thank you, Bandcamp, and thank YOU for helping the ACLU fight for civil rights!

VIDEO: Live @ Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds Los Angeles / Nov 9th, 2016 – The very first time anyone else in the world heard “This Business Will Break Your Heart.”

Hosted by Badass Bands and Feastly.

NEW MUSIC: Property Of The State

Frustrated by recent attempts to subvert Roe V. Wade in Texas and Ohio, and frightened by the newly elected administration, I collaborated long-distance with my good friend, Austin singer-songwriter Ray Prim, on a song about the importance of women’s freedom of choice.

Along the way, I invited other artists to contribute to the track. Some came into my studio, others recorded in their own home studios and sent the files in. This track is the triumphant result.

Supreme thanks and love to Ray and all of the other artists who lifted their voices in support of this important cause. Suzy Husner, Jaq Mackenzie, Aimie Lovett, Greta Valenti, Michael Pozzi, James Clarke, Rie Daisies, Keith England, Jennifer Blake, Joshua Cobos, Dan Madonia, Liane Curtis, Rob Black, and Kimberly Zsebe – your contributions to this project have taken it from an idea on Facebook to a profound, life-changing, real world experience. Extra praise to my partner, Anthony Lopez, for literally being my lifeline and the reason this project could make it to the light of day.

I love you all.

*A portion of the proceeds from this recording will go to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

My First Facebook Live

We’ve finally got the livestreaming thing down at Block Of Joy, so I ran a broadcast of Facebook Live while I’m testing out my new Electro-Voice microphones. It was so much fun! Looking forward to many more of these to come. Follow me on My Official FB Page for updates and more livestreams! :)


WINNER – Performer Magazine / Electro-Voice contest December 2016.

To test their recently unveiled ND Series, Electro-Voice and Performer Magazine selected me to play with two of the microphones from the new EV lineup: The ND76 and the ND44. This is The Unboxing. Stay tuned for the fun!


Performer Magazine
ElectroVoice ND-Series Microphones

BEHIND THE SCENES: Recording “This Business Will Break Your Heart”

Recorded at the Block Of Joy // December 16th-17th, 2016.


Violin by Aubrey Richmond

Trumpet by Jon Titterington

Trumpet by Jon Titterington

Cello by Keith Snow

I’m not in this picture :)

Drums by Anthony Lopez

Violin by Charles Lopez

NOT SO SECRET SHOW: Sofar Sounds LA on November 9th



AE @ Sofar Sounds // DTLA (RSVP for tickets and venue location)
Brought to you by Badass Bands.



Live with the Hollywood Light Orchestra


The performance, live at CenterStaging in Burbank. 06/23/16


Rehearsal at CenterStaging, 06/22/16.

I had the distinct pleasure of performing “Machine” live with the Hollywood Light Orchestra at their first showcase in Burbank, CA.

Check out the HLO here.