Pre-production, song arrangement, project oversight, hiring musicians and specialists as needed, recording, editing music and vocals. Production is scalable: I can handle being a one woman show in my small project studio or leading a large team at a commercial recording facility. I have a solid network of musicians, engineers, and specialists on hand.


Tracking, arrangement, comping, tuning, RX/repair, pre-mix. Capturing / editing vocals are my speciality. Come record in East Hollywood, invite me over for a session, or just send me a Pro Tools file from anywhere in the world–I’ll get it done. Rush projects are accepted, but as perspective is a heavy part of my process, I prefer to have at least a few days to sit with the vocal to get it just right. From pop-perfect to barely-but-superbly-touched, I stay true to my artists and help them put their best voice forward.


Find your voice. Explore your style. Finish your songs. Establish your vibe.


Lyrics, melody, music, arrangement. Start from scratch or button it up.



TBD via consultation. Send me an email and we’ll determine what’s best for your project.